Standard tippers & tipper semi-trailers are specifically designed and fabricated to suit the purpose and match customers’ needs. The body super structure is fabricated from high strength, heat treated fine grain steel which give the product extra strength and durability.
A higher tipping angle, shorter tipping time and low centre of gravity are some of the unique features of the designs and our engineering concepts, to ensure high level of stability and trouble-free operation. The wide range of Tippers covers capacities of 6cbm, 8cbm, 12cbm, 14cbm, 16cbm, 19cbm, 22cbm, 32cbm, 40cbm, 45cbm to suit specific requirements.
  • Tel +96253826331
    Email info@tmcogroup.com
    Website www.tmcogroup.com
    P.O.Box 122 – Zarqa Free Zone 13134 – Jordan.
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