Our Generators silencers are being manufactured & customized according to client needs and desire. Our range is covering wide range of different type and sizes of weather proof and silencers for diesel generators they are manufactured with a steel outer skin, and are lined with fire proof, acoustic material. Attenuators are placed on the hot air outlet and cooling air inlet and exhaust silencers of the residential type are mounted either on top of, or inside.   Robust/Highly Corrosion Resistant Construction Body made from steel components treated with the proper method of coating.
Excellent Access for operation and Maintenance. Two large doors on each side, convenient to install, watch, operation or maintenance. On door or other appropriate place set watching window to watch the panel of controller. Simply, convenient operation, perfect isolation mechanism, flexible access, mirror finishing and characterized with the following standard features. • With special treated steel sheet. • Stainless steel locks. • Control panel viewing window for monitoring the status of the generator set. • Good ventilation system.  • Effective anti-vibration devices to ensure the generator set run steadily. • Super silent materials inside to ensure the noise lower. • Emergency stop button mounted outside. • Side lockable door easy for maintenance and installation.
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    P.O.Box 122 – Zarqa Free Zone 13134 – Jordan.
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